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Welcome to American Central Store

Welcome Message:

You have found an online storefront catering to your Patriotic desire to purchase products manufactured in the USA by American-owned companies. In other words, you are a Patriot who wants to BUY AMERICAN!!  The products are not sold by us from this site, but the links point to products on various Merchant websites.

We have done the task of finding great products and grouping them to make shopping easier for the patriotic citizen.

Many of the products featured by these merchants are manufactured in the USA, by companies who do not outsource manufacturing. Ideally a majority of their materials are sourced from the USA as well. Some merchants carry 100% Made in the USA products. Those will be noted as we discover them. At this time we have a limited amount of merchants but over time we will grow.

The American Central Store subscribes to the principles of Free Market Capitalism and Liberty. We are a work-in-progress, and this site shall continue to grow until we eventually feature millions of products, the American economy is thriving, jobs are plentiful and folks are busy in the pursuit of happiness.

Thank you for your Patriotism!