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About Our Products

This site features products which are sold by hardworking entrepreneurs and their dedicated staff. They comprise small, medium and large manufacturers and retailers across America. Those sites offer what are called “Affiliate Links” which are links we place on our shopping site which will take you to their site when clicked.  They will handle the checkout of your product and will also ship it to you and take care of any returns. We are not selling the products on this site, just pointing to the products.

We function as a convenience site and we are working hard to find as many American Made products as possible to make shopping more efficient and easier for you, and therefore promote more business here in America.  One way we are rewarded is that we receive a modest commission for sales made through these links, at no additional cost to you. The other and best reward is that we are helping to stimulate our economy in the USA.

We invite you to check back from time to time to see our status and see new categories and products we have added.  We intend to grow this site until it is HUGE!!

If you would like to be notified with news about our site, and when we add new categories and interesting products, we invite you to sign up for our Mailing List.

If you have a request for products or categories for us to add, please feel free to email us at:  Connie@AmericanCentralStore.com