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About Us

Actually…  About me 🙂

Connie holding sign to encourage patriots to Buy American!

I am an American patriot and entrepreneur, who wants to support businesses in America and help our American economy to thrive in a way that provides more jobs for more Americans.

I also want to promote free-market capitalism, a concept which catapulted the United States into prosperity.

As a shopper I became very frustrated with not being able to find products which are Made in the USA. It was a clear signal that our country was heading for trouble. I hoped that the products existed out there but it was truly very difficult to successfully shop, either in brick-and-mortar stores or online.

Today there are wonderful websites which feature Made in the USA products which is a GREAT movement in our society.  I wanted to join that movement and add more products and choices. I hope that this site will eventually be so large that whatever someone wants will be found here.  We know that we are just a fledgling site right now… but please keep your eye on us and see us grow. Click HERE to join our mailing list and we will send you updates as we add new Merchants.

If you have a request for products or categories for me to add, please feel free to email me at:  Connie@AmericanCentralStore.com

… Connie


This company has been a family dream since 1986.  Back then the dream was, “a store selling Red, White and Blue products where everything is made in the USA.”   Fast forward to now and “eCommerce” is a great new business model. We are new to eCommerce, but not new to loving our Constitution and our Republic.

One day we’ll have our “brick and mortar” store, but for the time being cyberspace is a great vehicle to sell American-Made Products and stimulate this economy and jobs!!  Small businesses are the backbone of this country, and we think this site is one of the great ways to give their products extra exposure.  Ideally, all will benefit from this venture.

This site is a loving work-in-progress, so please check back often, or join our Mailing List for updates about new categories and products we add.