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Display Cases for Flags & Medals


The display of the Flags and Medals of a loved-one or of your own is a very important part of honoring the sacrifices made by all Veterans and Active Duty members of the military. We have discovered an excellent company which hand-builds display cases. They are made with love by Veterans at FlagsConnections.com. They are located in New York.

Please note the items which are marked Made in the USA, or American Made. You’ll see the notation or an icon in the description of the products on their site. Some of the products are crafted by Veterans in other cities in the USA, and for those you’ll see the note “made exclusively for Flags connections.”

Thank you FlagsConnections.com for all that you are doing.

If you click on any of the links in this category, you will be taken to their site which has a massive selection of beautiful products.